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Best Schools in Raipur

Best Schools in Raipur

Venkateshwar Signature School, more commonly known as VSS is one of the best schools in Raipur where dreams come true. This school was established in the year 2020 under the chairperson of the school Ms Shweta Dillon and founder of Venkateshwar group of schools and hospitals Mr Rajpal Solanki. Venkateshwar Signature School’s faculty believes that as humans we are able enough to create our own signature i.e. creating a unique place in this world. Thus VSS supports every student to create their signature and leave a stamp on this world to be remembered as. This makes VSS one of the top best schools in Raipur. Not only this, Venkateshwar Signature School focuses on bringing the best possible opportunities for its students and to refine them and make them into strong independent individuals.

VSS believes that every child is one of its kinds with their distinctive talents, and skills making each one stand out. This thought makes VSS different from the rest resulting in acquiring the position in the best schools of Raipur. This school not only encourages their students to do well academically but also persuades them to take part in extracurricular activities which helps them become multi-talented as well as keeps them healthy at the same time.

Top Schools in Raipur

Venkateshwar Signature School’s area is of 24.73Acres and the campus area of the same is 5100,000 Sq Meter with playground, library, swimming pool and many more. VSS is the largest building block in Chhattisgarh in which more than 85% of the area is dedicated to sports and green area. VSS is an international school which was awarded by many awards such as Education world survey 2019- city rank-7, International schools award by British Council 2012-2015, Green school Campion award 2015 by Shard NGO and many more making it one of the best international schools in Raipur.

VSS’ mission statement is that through this institution they want to secure, inspire and rationally demand to bring together the forte of its students, pushing them to build themselves as uncommon characters with rooted deeply worldwide principles, satisfying their materialistic, world serving passions, through different language, reaching and gratifying human relation needs. VSS’s vision is to build a place where quality is determined by principles, achievements are reinforced by morals and modernism is equipped by following conventions. By doing this VSS wants to bring the best possible pieces of equipment and information to its children so that they grow into individuals with strong ideology and ethics for the betterment of the community. This vision and mission make VSS one of the

Best international schools in Raipur.

VSS has its way of educating its children helping it to reach on the list of the top schools in Raipur. VSS teaches in four ways- Pedagogy which is paying close attention in teaching in a way where the three ‘H’s are included that is Head, Heart and Hand. VSS believes that a person can acquire a deep understanding of any subject matter when he or she uses all the three components; the head to understand the concepts, the heart to learn the concepts and the hand to practice it again and again so that the heart and the head don’t forget the concepts. This promotes teaching its students to learn more effectively and efficiently. They focus on providing their students with ‘Critical thinking and problem solving’, ‘Creativity and Imagination’, ‘Communication and Collaboration’, ‘Leadership and Personal Development’, ‘Responsible Citizenship’ and ‘Digital Literacy’ making students more conscious of themselves and to help them grow in order to survive in the world today. This makes VSS one of the best schools in Raipur.

The curriculum which is to engage the children actively take part in different academic activities which are created to raise a curiosity in the children to find the reasons behind the activity, making it more focused on child development. It is based on ground-breaking activities which allow the students to underpin fundamental concepts which help them in having reached their utmost abilities individually as well as in a group which hereby enhances their inner strengths yet again making it the best schools in Raipur.

Experimental learning and Scientific Temperament which is to pave a path for to students to tap into that curiosity oriented thinking pattern that further enables them to be more inventive helping them to come with a more original idea. To help their children grow VSS has labs such as Atal Tinkering Lab, 3D Printing lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab computer lab, library with more than 18000 books, 30 magazines and dailies making it the best schools in Raipur. Not only this students encouraged to go on work outside campus to experience the reality along with virtual reality giving then an immense exposure to things.

VSS has IT department helping in the education of its children that is Skoolroom, Educom and Assessed with facilitators which supports learning and playing a huge role in making VSS among the top schools in Raipur. VSS pushes their children to take part in different activities apart from academics such as swimming, dancing, music, sports. To bring the best of things the world has to offer VSS has a Swimming pool, Dance room, Music room, Gym, playroom, art room, indoor games room. Not only this VSS also has Health & Medical Checkup aid them. This makes VSS one of the best schools in Raipur. VSS also provides transport facilities for its children. It also has CCTV Surveillance and GPS enabled Fleet. Students are given the confidence to play football, basketball, aerobics, table tennis, lawn tennis, skating, handball, cricket, fencing yoga and many more. Thus VSS aims at bringing the best out of children which will help our community to grow. VSS cheers its students and brings the best possible opportunities for them to help them grow into strong individuals. These actions of VSS has made it reach the position it is on now and has made it the best schools in Raipur list.